Tatkal Software VPS & Proxy

Proxy IP Price Validity Pay Now
Amazon IP(ANMS)
30 Days
Smart IP
32 Days
Ticket Master IP(Port 29842)
30 Day


VPS Server RAM Validity Price Pay Now
Amazon VPS
1 GB
30 Days

Pay Now

Amazon VPS
2 GB
30 Days

Pay Now

Amazon VPS
4 GB
30 Days

Pay Now

Amazon VPS
8 GB
30 Days

Pay Now

  • You will also get special control Panel for each Tatkal Booking Fast Use  VPS from where you can START,STOP AND CONNECT IT
  • Please do not do speed test many time as speed always remains same.
  • Upload Speed Test is limited to 50 Mbps to avoid misuse of bandwidth.
  • Multiple Speed test consume heavy data and can suspend your server.
  • Use this server for only Tatkal ticket  booking. Other activity like browsing,downloading or any other activity except booking will suspend your server.
  • Please renew your server before 2 days of expire of server to avoid any loss of data.
  • Please don’t change any settings in the server as its fully optimized for booking.
  • Server Working time 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM.
  • Please shutdown server if not in use.

06/02/2019 smart proxy ko new server pe update kar diya gaya hai now you can buy smart proxy for fast result and all software and panel support karega ye

Tatkal Software Proxy IP

Our Tatkal Software IP are provided individually to each customer and not for public use.
We assure you are the only users of the IP addresses you purchase from us, also those IP addresses are used for your purposes only.
Our IP can be used for different social networks without any restrictions.
Our IP are located at non overloaded servers so the response speed is way faster than at our competitors’, which is important in collecting and filtering of the information.

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